Lung Disease Sucks

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My story starts two summers ago. I got an upper respiratory infection that lasted several weeks. That turned into whopping cough. I coughed every day, hard, for over 7 months. Several trips to clinic/doctor and hundreds of dollars later in cough medicine and antibiotics and I was still coughing. I am very fortunate to live so close to National Jewish Hospital - the leading respiratory hospital in the world. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease - a nonqualifying event. You can get this particular lung disease several ways: chemo, working in an abestos environment, or, like mine, not sure. My lungs are scarred from all the coughing I did, and then the right side of my heart started working too hard trying to pump enough blood to get it to turn to oxygen in my lungs. This meant lots of medication, being on oxygen,  lots of trips to the doc, and pulmonary rehab. I had seen an article on-line about people with lung disease playing the harmonica to help expand their lung capacity. I received my harmonica last week. St. Anthony Hospital, where I do my rehab, received only so many of the harmonicas and they have asked that we "pay it forward" by getting 10 friends to donate $10 for another harmonica. That is where my friends and family come in. Please consider making a donation to my page here, writing me a check (or giving me cash) so I can in turn help someone else! This event has changed my life drastically. I am slowly getting better, but my lungs will never be the same. Lung disease sucks - don't take a single breath for granted. Thank you in advance for helping me help someone else!


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