El Bachir Aissaoui

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El Bachir Aissaoui passed away on December 28th, 2016 in his bedroom surrounded by his loved ones. El Bachir is survived by his three daughters (Maria, Salima and Mouna) his wife Amina and five grand-children (Aya, Hamza, Aaliya, Jad and Mahdi).

El Bachir's words on COPD: 

"What is more painful than to be forced to give up? Give up Love, Life, Dreams and Laughter. Isn't this suicide? A forced suicide but not a criminal one."

He fought against a disease he did not understand, we did not understand. We will always remember him for his kindness, honesty, humor and generosity.

Thank you for your donation and prayers.

Mouna Aissaoui


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