K2 Climb, Fundraiser for COPD

A personal campaign sponsored by Chase Hinckley

May 31, 2016

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COPD - It's like climbing K2 every day.

Please join me in making a difference in the third leading global killer. This insidious disease is cropping up all around and it's time to make a stand. Every goal, no matter how large or small, is an important one. My grandmother, a COPD patient who turns 88 today, wishes to visit her expected great-grandchild in the high altitude of Colorado. Simple things like this can be monumental for those with problematic lungs. My aunt, cousin, and friend also struggle with COPD.

I stand with them in the battle of breathlessness. This summer I will be attempting to summit K2 at an altitude of 28,251 feet. Reinhold Messner calls it the most beautiful of all the high mountains, and Ed Viesturs labels it the holy grail of mountaineering. Climbing it could be compared to breathing through a straw while carrying a piano up a flight of stairs.

Be my breathe of fresh air and make a donation today.

Thank You, Chase Hinckley



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