Dr. Byron Thomashow's Birthday Tribute Page

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Help make April 19th an even more special and memorable birthday for Dr. Byron Thomashow! 

For 42 years, Byron has dedicated his life to his family, his patients, and the COPD community. Let's celebrate his birthday this year by taking the time to write a post and make a donation to support the COPD programs that Byron has played such an integral role in developing. 

Byron helped established the COPD Foundation and currently serves as the COPD Foundation Board Chair and plays an an exceptionally active role in developing educational and care initiatives in the COPD community. He is also a Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and an attending physician at the New York- Presbyterian Hospital. Please post a Birthday tribute and make a donation to the COPD Foundation in honor of Byron!

We'll hope you'll join us in celebrating April 19th in honor of Byron's Birthday!

Warm Regards,

Craig Kephart

Acting President, COPD Foundation 


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