What is a Breathe STRONG EVENT? 

The COPD Breathe STRONG event unites our community together for an inspirational event to raise awareness and fundraise for the COPD Foundation. It's all about the people living with COPD – family, care givers, friends and coworkers coming together in a powerful way to make a difference in everyone’s lives affected by COPD. 

Start your own team.

Recruit your family, friends and colleagues to join so everyone can work together towards one goal. 

Set Fundraising Goals!

Its easy to be a champion and fundraise for COPD! For example, if 10 of your team mates get 10 friends to donate $10, you’ve just raised $1,000! Team members who reach the $1,000 fundraising goal receive a “1K Club” membership for life! 

Get Started 

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Quick Stats

$44,460.00 Raised
114 Participants

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